Different CBD Vape Flavors That You Can Get to Enjoy Vaping

These days, CBD vape products are becoming increasingly popular ever since CBD has been legalized in a few states of the country. Now vapers have so many choices for flavors, as you can now find CBD e-liquids in many different concentrations and flavors.

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While buying your desired e-juice, you must be a little familiar with various jargon used in the vaping world. You must know, which vape liquids will be the ideal choice for sub-ohm/low resistance mods or your cartridge-based starter kits.

You must also understand the PG which relates to the ratio of propylene glycol and VG which is vegetable glycerin present in your e-liquid. You can have a different ratio of PG and VG to get a particular vaping experience.

If your vape juice is PG-dominant with a PG/VG ratio of 70-30 then its consistency will be better and will deliver a strong flavor. However, if your e-liquid is VG-dominant, then its consistency will be much thicker and it must hit a bit subtler throat, and also taste sweeter on your tongue.

The following are a few of the best flavor combos of CBD available on the market:

Apple cherry sherbert

This apple cherry sherbert is one popular flavor that you can get in the market. This flavor will provide a crisp zinginess and also complement the undertones of herby citrus. This e-liquid is made for those having a high threshold of their sweet tooth. Also, this juice is 100 mg concentrated and is made moreish.

Blueberry menthol

You can get an ice-cooled fruity wave of CBD with this delightful vape liquid and it will be available in 100 mg/10 ml and you can hit throughout the summer season with this flavor. This minty menthol kick and the citrusy taste of CBD should not mix, but by adding a juicy, subtle blueberry, you can do a perfect balance.

Cherry Colada

Cherry Colada is available in many different concentrations of CBD and offers a refreshing taste of a cherry-flavored cocktail with a certain citrusy undertone of CBD e-liquids. You can expect to get a rich and natural CBD flavor that will surely please you with the hemp from where the CBD has been fertilized without using any chemicals or growth hormones,

Fly CBD mango kush

This Fly CBD brand will offer you an easy and quick way to enjoy various benefits of CBD, and no hassle of e-cigarettes and tank refilling. Such mango kush flavors will lean heavily into the CBD’s natural fruitiness whilst offering 100 mg concentrations with about 300 puffs.

Vitality CBD lemon flavors

This flavor is inspired by strains of lemon haze marijuana. This tasty flavor of CBD is melding the citrusy CBD undertones with a bitter-sweet lemon tang and will be a perfect combo that you must have never tasted before. This is available in the market with concentrations of 300 mg to 1200 mg.