Do You Want to Upgrade Your Bath Lighting? Here are Few Tips

Nowadays, people need good amount of lighting in their bathrooms too. During olden days, lighting in this area used to be most neglected and people started their day under poor lighting.

As the need for bathroom lighting has increased many different lighting fixtures are coming out from SOFARY Company too. The lighting products of this company are quite well-known for their quality and style.

In this article, we shall provide you few tips, while considering suitable lighting for your bathroom.

1. Flank light on your bathroom mirror

Prefer not to fix lighting on the ceiling area as it will also create a shadow. Also, try to get as much ambient lights as possible. In order to get better lighting for your flossing, shaving and doing make up on your face, try to flank a light near the mirror.

This light will also increase due to reflection of your mirror too.

2. Model bathroom lighting when daylight is gone

During the day, most of your lighting will be compensated by natural lights. However when they are not available then you will know exactly how much light is needed by you to do various activities that you want to do inside the bathroom.

3. Layer the vanity lighting

During morning hours you will need bright lights in your bathrooms to complete all your morning rituals. After sometime when you are soaking yourself in your bathtub then you will need soft mood light. You can transform this in many creative ways.

As an example, you can consider installing a dimmer switch for controlling the intensity of vanity lights.

If you have got enough space, then prefer decorative fixture as your ceiling light. Installing a small chandeliers ceiling lights can keep you in relaxed and also romantic mood as other bathroom lights will be turned off.

Prefer to choose LED lights for your bathroom due to following reasons.

1. You can have energy saving

LED lights can offer bright lights at considerably lower wattage as compared to any traditional lights. Therefore, consider LED lightings in your bathroom, which can create necessary ambience and yet consume very low energy.

2. Available in different styles

Nowadays in the market, you will be able to see LED lighting fixtures of many different designs that can be suitable for your bathroom. You can better replace your existing lighting fixture with modern LED lighting fixtures.

3. Natural light quality

Nowadays, you can get LED lights in the market that can create an ambience like any natural light inside the bathroom. These fixtures are also having features to dim or brighten up the light as per your need.

4. Better connectivity

Nowadays, you can also get LED lights that you can also control by using your smart phones too. Now you just forget about your light switch but use your smart phones for all your lighting needs of the bathroom.

5. Prices are coming down

Earlier LEDs were available at very high prices however as the demand of such lights started increasing, there are many suppliers too appearing in the market. As a result of competition the prices are now coming down slowly.